NetOP Bluetooth Sensors Configuration

NETOP Bluetooth Gateway/Devices Step by Step Explanation Document

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Please remember that this document refers to “Bluetooth Gateway (BLE Gateway)” for 2 Bluetooth Gateways and just for NETOP Bluetooth Sensors (not any other Bluetooth Sensors) whose Gateways are:

  1. BLE WiFi + GSM IoT Indoor Gateway 
  2. BLE 5.0 WiFi GSM ble-5-0-wifi-gsm-iot-gateway/ 

Other Gateways and “ID Badge Beacon” are “off-topic” for this page.


  • STEP 1: Open The Bluetooth Sensor’s Enclosure

There are 3 (three) different enclosures. As a first step, you should open the enclosure. You can watch the “How to open the enclosure” video.


  • STEP 2: Activate Power Supply

There are 4 different enclosures:

You can prefer to watch “How to Videos” on our YouTube Channel:

  1. If your sensor type is “IP65 STANDARD BLACK BOX” (see at the picture on annexes part at the end of the page) just open the enclosure and plug the battery connector to the sensor board as it is shown on the Picture.
  2. If your sensor type is “IP65 ROUNDED BLACK and YELLOW BOX” (see at the picture on annexes part at the end of the page) just open the enclosure and pull the yellow battery tape(s) in order to activate the battery.
  3. If your sensor type is IP67 GREY BOX (see at the picture on annexes part at the end of the page) just open the enclosure and pull the yellow battery tape(s) in order to activate the battery.
  4. If it is a smart beacon, please just remove the plastic (yellow) material. And then it will be activated.
  • STEP 3: Add your All Bluetooth sensors (which has power supply/battery) onto your Bluetooth Gateway

Firstly, please plug into your Gateway Power Supply into electricity. And insert its antenna. After that, you should be seeing its WiFi Hotspot by using your PC or Mobile Phone by searching Wireless Networks (you can find this on the below step by step video).

To collect your Bluetooth Sensor’s data, you should add them to your Bluetooth Gateway. Please kindly visit our Youtube Page, for step by step process, here: How to Register/remove Bluetooth Sensor to Gateway

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please remember that all the sensors which you registered here, should have battery and work, otherwise please de-register/remove these devices from Gateway Settings to not face any miscommunication between your Sensors and your Gateway(s).

  • STEP 4: Connect your Bluetooth Gateway to the Internet by using either Your WiFi or GSM Sim Card

At this point, it should be better to start with WiFi not to face any issue because of Sim Card. So, as a piece of kindly advice please test your Gateway as a first with WiFi, and then after your successful data collection/monitoring, you can shift/use GSM Sim Card.

To use WiFi for your Gateway, please kindly visit our Youtube Page, for step by step process, here: How to Connect Gateway to WiFi Connection

After connecting your Gateway to your WiFi. Your Gateway will receive a DHCP IP address and you won’t able to access it by using its default IP address ( anymore.

  • STEP 5: IoT Platform

IMPORTANT NOTE: Even if you want to use your devices onto your server/platform or any other 3rd party platform, please use our platform for your 1st test. It is just to confirm by yourselves that you are able to get your sensor’s data without any issue. After that you can use any platform by having a look at the “How to use Other Platform section” below:


Your Bluetooth Gateway has already pre-configured with the NETOP Platform. So, it’s ready to connect and you don’t need to do any more settings onto your Gateway. You can create an account by using your e-mail and monitor your sensors’ end data here: NETOP IoT Platform. You can find the steps below:

How to use Netop Platform Step by Step:

  1. Please visit here: IoT Platform and create an account. You will receive an activation e-mail. Activate your account by using the link in the e-mail.
  2. Login with your e-mail and password.
  3. Please click the “Devices” tab on the left side.
  4. Click the “Add New Device” tab, on the right and top.
  5. Name it as you wish. You can find “Device no” on your Sensor enclosure.
  6. Click “Save”
  7. Please go to the “Devices” tab on the left tab. And check it out that the device is on the list. Click on the device. You will receive its data here.

If you have any questions, you can visit our Youtube Channel, here: NETOP Youtube Bluetooth Devices List or send an e-mail to [email protected]


More information:

  • EXTRA 1: How to use GSM Sim Card Instead of WiFi Connection On The Gateway

If you use “WiFi connection” to provide internet access to your gateway before, you should visit your Gateway page by using its new IP address (not default one any more). You can find this IP address either

1.) Visiting our Platform:  IoT Platform/Gateways and click your Gateway Profile.

2.) By using your WiFi Modem Main page by having a look at IP addresses on your network.

If you don’t use WiFi Connection yet, please kindly visit our Youtube Page, for step by step process, here: How to Use GSM Sim Card for Bluetooth Gateway 

  • EXTRA 2: How to use other Platform
  • You should set your TCP/IP Listener Server IP address and port information (instead of the default IP address and Port information on your Gateway Setting Page) by using NETOP Bluetooth Gateway’s interface; the default IP address of NETOP Bluetooth Gateway is (you can see how-to videos here: NETOP Youtube Bluetooth Devices List).
  • You should also do the integration between your Gateway and your server:

The Gateway will send a similiar kind of JSON message (as you can see below) to the Server (which you put its IP address and Port Info on gateway settings part) below:

{“json_version”:1,”application”:{“network”:””,”group”:””,”serial”:””,”description”:””},”gateway”:{“brand”:”NetOP”,”os”:”FreeRtos”,”router”:”BLE GATEWAY”,”router_sw_version”:5,”router_hw_version”:1,”connectivity”:”Ble”,”serial”:”5FFFFFFD”,”diagnostics”:{“energy_source”:”adapter”,”battery_percent”:100,”voltages”:{“battery”:4.1692190170288086,”4V0″:3.9549999237060547,”5V0″:5.2656564712524414}}},”connection”:{“ip”:”″,”destination”:”tcp:″,”count”:2,”time”:”2019-02-25 10:18:58 GMT”,”timestamp”:”1551089938″,”type”:”wifi”,”gsm”:{“imei”:””,”imsi”:””,”rssi”:0,”ber”:0,”sim_source”:””,”provider”:””},”wifi”:{“rssi”:-56}},”endpoints [{“timestamp”:1551089933,”rssi”:-33,”serial”:1073741820,”payload”:”013FFFFFFC00200049081C0700181C”}]}!


IMPORTANT: And Your server will give a reply to the Gateway as below (please remember that if there is any missing letter or symbol at this message, you can not get the integration. If you want to get an example code from us, please send an e-mail and then we will share an example code with you):



  • EXTRA 3: How to Decode Payload (If you use NETOP Platform, Please ignore this part)

You will receive raw data and you should decode the data by yourselves. Please find payload decoding document for parsing it, here: Payload Decoding Document

If you have any questions please send an e-mail to [email protected] .